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Should you list your property in winter?


A question I’m often asked by clients is, “when is the best time to list my property?” You may not have a choice, if you’ve been transferred to another city, your family has grown or changed, or you’ve already purchased another property. Otherwise, my answer is, “whenever you and your home are ready”. 

Traditionally, there has been a heating up of the market in the springtime. Truthfully, in the past couple of years, all rules have gone out the window. Our lives have changed and everything, including real estate, has been impacted. So why sell in the winter? This winter, in particular, is a great time to bring a property to market in Toronto. Demand is at an all-time high for homes of all sizes - condos, townhomes, semis and detached houses. Supply, on the other hand, is low. That means the likelihood of you getting action on your home is especially good. Buyers are hungry for great properties. 

What about showings? Will people come out in the winter, and do you need to do anything differently over the holidays? In my experience, yes. Moreover, it’s the right kind of people - those who actually want to buy, rather than those who aren’t motivated to make a purchase. If they’re taking time at this busy time of year, it usually means they really want or need to find a new home. 

Do allow yourself a little more time, since there are a number of bank holidays that can interfere with the speed of deposits and legal reviews - then relax, make your place look its best, clear the walk and add a few (but not too many) festive touches, and call your real estate agent. 

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