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When is The Best Time to Look at a House?

Buyers often ask, when is the best time to look at a home - but they're generally talking about the time of year. The answer to that is, anytime you need to buy one. There are advantages to having your house hunt at nearly any time of year. Wintertime can let you see what that steep, narrow street is like when there is snow. In the summer, you can see what the gardens look like, and the condition of the lawn and the trees - or the swimming pool.

Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season

Admittedly, selling your home during the holiday season might seem a little more challenging - although this year this could be a small upside to not having any guests coming to stay, no parties to plan, and so on. But sometimes you simply need to sell. Maybe you've been transferred. Maybe your circumstances have changed dramatically in 2020.

Small and Large Steps You Can Start Today to Maximize Your Down Payment

Long before you buy your first property, you can start getting ready. Many people think about looking at home listings, exploring neighbourhoods, or even going to open houses (once that's allowed again). The truth is, your most important job is the hardest one: getting together a down payment. Those low interest rates that make mortgages more affordable, unfortunately also make savings grow more slowly. Still, the most important step is to get started. 

How to Survive a Bidding War When the Sky's Not the Limit!

For most of us, when it comes to our budget for housing, the sky really isn't the limit. And in a hot housing market, that means we are likely to be facing multiple offers when we try to buy or rent a property. That's certainly been the case for many of my clients over the course of this summer, especially if they are looking for more space outside of the downtown Toronto core.

No Maintenance Lifestyle? Fall Maintenance for Condos

If you live in a condominium, some people may believe you have a “no maintenance” lifestyle. It’s far from that, though. Although property management may take care of some tasks, typically, if it’s inside your unit, it’s your responsibility. Here’s a handy checklist of things you should check into, take care of, or organize, for the fall. 

It's Your Move, Not Theirs

When you start imagining your new home, your new life, do you imagine your grown children and your friends there with you? Is it far away? Because if it is, I got a valuable piece of advice from another real estate agent I know. They’re not coming.

Oh, I mean, they may visit from time to time, but you’ve decided you want to downsize. So don’t try and pick up the old house and recreate it in a newer, smaller space. Instead:

How to Be "Rental Ready" in a Landlord's Market

Condo towers and parkMost renters start their search for a new apartment in the wrong place. I'm not talking about location, although you know we real estate agents say that is the most important criteria. I'm talking about doing your homework and getting yourself ready to be seen as a good tenant. 

Four Reasons Not to Buy New Furniture Before Moving

It's exciting! You've bought your first home. You're excited to decorate and make your space just the way you've imagined. Stop right there. There are some very good reasons not to do that, that I can share. I've moved many times, and I've learned to be cautious when it comes to stocking up on new stuff before a move.

Buy First, or Sell First?

When you buy your first home, you've probably been renting up to that point. So you sign the paperwork, make your deposit, give your notice, and start packing. But if you've outgrown that home, or you're ready to downsize, it's a whole new ballgame. Now you need to decide when to list, and when to buy. What if you sell your home, and then can't find one you like? Or conversely, what if you buy a home, and then can't sell yours?

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