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Important Terms to Understand When Making an Offer

You've looked at properties. You've thought it over carefully. That's it, right? Now you just need your real estate agent to write up a quick offer and you're all set. 

Not quite. 

That offer has a lot of terminology and technical details that are very important for you to understand. Some of the most important are dates. In real estate, dates are critical.

What will the Spring Bring in Real Estate?

Just this week, I was having a discussion online with a real estate colleague on the east coast. We were talking about what trends we thought we would see in properties for spring, since now is the time people often take on projects in preparation to sell their house. Most definitely the home office is now in higher demand than it has ever been. But my friend James and I differed as to what that might look like.

Buying a House for All Seasons

Just about now, as winter sets in, homeowners who bought their house in the summer are discovering there are things they didn't consider at the time. It might seem funny on a hot July day, but imagining all the scenarios of how your home will be used throughout the year will make it much more comfortable all year round. The reverse is also true. 

Important Tips for House Hunting During A Lockdown

My Door is Always Open for Virtual House HuntersSo here we are, in lockdown mode again. For some who have been considering a move, they'll decide it's simpler just to stay put. Not everyone has that luxury. For many reasons, someone may really need to move - but how do you do that, without putting yourself or your loved ones at risk?

How to Prepare to View a Property

Did you see a property on the internet and call an agent for a viewing straight away? Congratulations on your enthusiasm! Sometimes properties move very quickly and you need to be ready, as well. However, there are a number of things that will make sure you're really ready to Move Bravely©

Ten Things to Remember when Budgeting to Buy Your First Home

Are you budgeting so you can buy your first home? You're not alone. Every year, thousands of people purchase a first home in Canada, and when you're tallying up the numbers, there's a lot to consider. Here are ten tips to get you started:

When is The Best Time to Look at a House?

Buyers often ask, when is the best time to look at a home - but they're generally talking about the time of year. The answer to that is, anytime you need to buy one. There are advantages to having your house hunt at nearly any time of year. Wintertime can let you see what that steep, narrow street is like when there is snow. In the summer, you can see what the gardens look like, and the condition of the lawn and the trees - or the swimming pool.

Small and Large Steps You Can Start Today to Maximize Your Down Payment

Long before you buy your first property, you can start getting ready. Many people think about looking at home listings, exploring neighbourhoods, or even going to open houses (once that's allowed again). The truth is, your most important job is the hardest one: getting together a down payment. Those low interest rates that make mortgages more affordable, unfortunately also make savings grow more slowly. Still, the most important step is to get started. 

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