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How much space do you really need in your new home?

Often when I meet new clients who are house-hunting, they say what they need is more space. But sometimes more space doesn't need to equate to a larger square footage, sometimes it's less about the space, than it is about the spaces, and how usable they are. For example, take the kitchen. Would your dream kitchen look like the one in this photo?

Sold! (So you've Sold your Condo...Now What do You Do?)

Sunny sky and beautiful tall condo building

A sure sign of spring is when the real estate market picks up, and people start thinking of moving. (It happens to me, every year - I just don't move every time the urge strikes). This past week my listing of my client's condo sold, which is an exciting moment, because now his move to a new home really feels real. Are you thinking of moving this spring? What's your first step?

How to Prepare to List Your Condo for Sale in Toronto

Deciding to sell your condo is a big move, and there are many steps to be taken before you're ready to list it for sale. First, work with your REALTOR® and research the market - make sure you know what other units like yours have sold for, how long they have taken to sell, and what their relative advantages and disadvantages are. This will help you prepare to set a selling price that will attract buyers. 

Top Tips for Surviving Toronto Condo Bidding Wars

Condo towersBidding wars! They're everywhere right now. Buyer clients all over the city are seeing condos come on the market and sell like hotcakes - sometimes before they're even able to get an appointment to view. That's a sign, some would say a symptom, of our hot Toronto housing market. So if you're looking for a property now, what can you do? Here are some top tips to keep in mind (and help you keep your cool in a bidding war). 

5 Things to Consider when Moving from a Condo to a House

It's an exciting step, moving to a larger home. Buyers often give a lot of thought to the kind of neighbourhood they want, and whether the schools are good, if they have or are planning on children. They think about taxes, and know those will be higher. There are other things you should tally up as well, to get a true picture of what it will cost to move to your new home. After the lawyers, the movers, and the costs to get in the door, what else should you consider?

How Important is the Square Footage of Your Condo?

More space! It's a common refrain from couples who are looking at condos. But the truth is, square footage isn't all there is. Just as important is the configuration of a property - how that space is laid out. How usable is it? Is it long and narrow? Or are the rooms very square? Sometimes having small set-apart areas can be really desirable. 

The first rule of tenant club...or how to be ready to submit a winning rental offer

In a busy downtown brokerage like ours, we work with a lot of tenants, shopping for rental condos (and on the other side of the transaction, landlords). The biggest thing tenants don't realize is how much scrutiny they, and their finances, will face in a seller's/landlord's market, like we have right now. Yes, I know you've read that all advantage has been thrown to the tenant side, but that's not the case with top-quality listings that have experienced landlords.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

My real estate office is always open virtually, no matter what the pandemic bringsThis week I had the opportunity to meet a lovely couple. They were renters, and were convinced it was time to move - although they live in a great neighbourhood surrounded by everything they need within walking distance. They wanted to see some new properties, a little further east, close to friends and some of the places they like to explore on the weekend.

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