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How to Help Your Home Make a Fabulous First Impression

So, you've decided to list your home. Time to get it on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as soon as possible, right? Not so fast! Before you join the long list of homes for sale in Toronto, take time to take a few steps that will ensure your house makes a great first impression on buyers - and encourages them to fall in love, just like you did, when you bought it. Where should you start? 

Start with a checklist.

Take a walk around your home, and bring a notebook with you. note everything that needs tidying up or a minor repair. Loose doorknobs, dings in the paint, or leaky faucets say, "I'm not loved and cared for", even if the truth is that you keep meaning to get to them, but just haven't found the time. Now is the time to make them your priority. Not sure where to start? Check out this checklist

Tidy and declutter. 

One person's collectibles are another person's clutter. It can feel inconvenient not to have that stash of papers or books close at hand. Clutter can make buyers think that you haven't paid enough attention to other, more important, maintenance tasks. You want to create a feeling of space, so they will be able to freely explore what may be their next home. Don't forget the closets - you want them to look spacious, not crammed and cramped. And if there's a piece of furniture you've been wanting to get rid of before you move, now is the time. 

Give it a coat of paint. 

Fresh paint in a neutral, modern colour will allow buyers to imagine their own furniture in the space. You don't want it to be sterile and severe, so add accessories in a bright, trendy colour you love - then you can take them with you to your next home. (They'll look awesome in your listing photos, too). Lastly, use mirrors or shiny accessories to bounce light around the room, or to draw the eye toward a special feature you want to emphasize.

Create space and tell stories.

The more spacious the rooms feel, the more the buyer can relax and imagine living there. So edit wisely and remove what isn't necessary. Rearrange the furniture for good traffic flow - I'm happy to advise, and to recommend a professional stager as needed. Every room should have a purpose, and that purpose shouldn't be "I'm the room where we shove everything that doesn't fit in another room". Office spaces are very appealing and on-trend right now!

Make sure the outside looks as good as the inside!

If you're selling a house, take time to trim the trees, mow the lawn, weed the garden, and pop in a few brightly-coloured annuals to create curb appeal. If you're in a condo, bring the outdoors in with flowers and houseplants, or create a cute and cosy retreat in the sky on your balcony, with plants, comfy chairs, and some lanterns or candles. 

Take one last walkthrough. Does the house make you wish it had looked that good the whole time you've lived there? Will you feel just a tiny bit sad to leave it, it's so nice now? You've aced the test. Now you're ready to list! 

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