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Buying or selling in 2022? It's go time!

For many readers, it may seem like 2021 has dragged on…and on. The pandemic has changed all of our routines, limited our contact with friends and family, and altered how we do business – forever. The real estate business has continued to move forward, as people still need to buy and sell homes. Whether they’re upsizing, rightsizing, relocating, or downsizing, there’s one thing I’ve noticed. Clients often underestimate how much time they will need to get ready to make their big move. If a change of home is on the horizon for you, let's get started.

In truth, some homeowners (or prospective homeowners) like to take things slowly. I don’t tend to be one of those – having moved many times, once I decide it’s time to go, it really is time to go. (My last move saw me accept an offer to purchase, buy a new property, and close on both of those in about a month). But to do that, you need to be organized, experienced, and committed. For most people, there will be search time and prep time involved. For most people, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle, so if you’re thinking 2022 is your year, the time to begin is now.

The first place to begin is decluttering. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll be moving – so lighten the load straight away. This four-step method will help you get the job done in no time. Begin with small steps; don’t take on an entire room at once. Instead, pick a room and declutter it one drawer or closet at a time.

Remove everything from the drawer or closet or storage bin. Do a quick pitch of everything that is damaged, broken, or no good to anyone. Then take the “must keep” items and put them away in a tidy and organized fashion. Next you have two more piles to create: sell or donate. Put a timeline on sales – no more than a week or two. If no one wants the items in that amount of time, that situation is unlikely to change. Move them to the donate pile, and out they go.

Once you’ve taken care of decluttering, you’ll be able to see everything more easily. Get a notebook and make a checklist of everything that needs repairing or refreshing. (Dripping faucets? Wobbly handles? Cabinet doors not aligned? Burnt out lightbulbs? Walls that need a good cleaning or fresh coat of paint?) Be honest with yourself. Will you do these repairs? Or do you need help. If you need help, set appointments with contractors now. Believe me, it will take longer than you think – often six or eight weeks – to get this work done.

Where will you go? Have you thought about it carefully? In a pressure-cooker market like we’ve seen lately, the old “I’ll know it when I see it” strategy just isn’t effective. You need to do as much narrowing down as possible. Get your financial house in order. If you need a mortgage, talk to a mortgage agent or lender and figure out what you can afford. Think long and hard about where you want to go. Then, if you’re a purchaser, work with an agent to see new listings. And if you’re a seller, decide whether to sell first, second, or concurrently with your property search. Knowing what you want, and what you don’t, is a great first step. Remember that compromise is almost always involved in every move you’ll make.

I hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season. If you’re planning your next move in 2022, let me know. It’s not a minute too soon to get started. Contact me today to set an appointment. 

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