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Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season

Admittedly, selling your home during the holiday season might seem a little more challenging - although this year this could be a small upside to not having any guests coming to stay, no parties to plan, and so on. But sometimes you simply need to sell. Maybe you've been transferred. Maybe your circumstances have changed dramatically in 2020. Or you've decided once and for all to stop putting off your move to the city, the country, or wherever it is that your heart tells you that you should really be.

One of the first questions I hear is, "should I decorate for the holidays, if my home is being visited by buyers?" And my answer is yes, to a point. You definitely don't want to make the space look too small, and you don't want to overwhelm prospective purchasers if you're the over-the-top-Christmas-Type (as I am). The same rule-of-thumb that stagers use, applies here: you don't want it to look like it is uniquely your home...but you do want it to feel homey. So do put the wreath on the door and string some lights. Clear out the clutter, but bring on the candles. Remember as always to keep the gifts safely tucked away, and maybe don't bring out breakable heirlooms this year. 

Other things to remember about listing during the holiday season:

  1. Buyers won't likely spend this holiday season house hunting unless they have a good reason to move - which means they are likely motivated to take action.
  2. Work with a realtor who is willing to be available during the season. We don't work 24/7, and even we like family time. We're also bound to be honest and up front with you about what we will, and won't, do for you - so ask.
  3. Take great photos before you decorate - so people can see how it looks when it's not holiday time.
  4. Keep it cosy - make sure the house is nice and warm for buyers who are coming in from the cold. If you've space for a boot tray and a coatrack, by all means, make them feel welcome.
  5. The smell of holiday treats in the air has never failed to put people in a positive frame of mind.

So, if you're wondering whether it's the right time to sell, the answer is, the time is always right if you are ready. And if you're ready, I am too!

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